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IASTA aims to serve the teachers of Agricultural Science in Ireland by providing resources for teachers, organising events and providing up to date news about Irish farming to teachers.


In the early 1980s, the Dept. of Education considered combining the two subjects, Biology and Agricultural Science, into one subject for the Leaving Certificate Examination.

At this time, Agricultural Science teachers were all working in isolation, without in-service or support from any source, except their own individual notes and resources.

However, a group of Agricultural Science teachers, in the southeast were meeting independently, sharing their ideas on how they could improve their own teaching of the subject to their students in their classrooms.

An Organisation For Teachers by Teachers

The aim is to represent the subject and its teachers and serve to provide ongoing resources and support. Membership is available to any teacher in Ireland.

The benefits of IASTA Membership includes:


Online access to classroom resources (e.g. PowerPoint Presentations, Assessment for Learning tools, photo and video galleries and much more)


An online forum to discuss the teaching of Ag Science with fellow members.


Farm resources (e.g. fertiliser samples, feed samples, small tools used in farming) are normally distributed to members at various events throughout the year.


Workshops (held across the country) on practical assessment and teaching & learning in Ag Science.

The Fastest Growing Subject

The Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science curriculum is designed to provide pupils with the necessary skills, practical experience and knowledge in a range of agricultural and scientific principles. The subject involves the study of the science and technology underlying the principles and practices of agriculture in Ireland. It aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote the sustainability of agricultural resources, and places emphasis on the managed use of these resources.

It is a broad but interesting course, which examines the principal farming enterprises in Ireland (dairy, beef, sheep, pig, tillage crops, potatoes, forestry, poultry) while also giving a deep understanding of the science underpinning these enterprises. Plants and animal types associated with agriculture are studied, and investigations are undertaken into such aspects as soil, ecology, plant and animal physiology, farm crops, farming practices, genetics and microbiology.

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IASTA Submission to the Oireachtas

IASTA Submission to the Oireachtas

In October 2021, IASTA made a submission to the Joint Committee on Education, Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. In the submission we focused on area 6 (International Evidence and Best Practice) of Leaving...

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IASTA is an organisation for teachers by teachers. The aim is to represent the subject and its teachers and serve to provide ongoing resources and support. Membership is available to any teacher in Ireland.